Fashion and the Catholic Imagination: My Met Gala Predictions

The first Monday in May is almost upon us, and many couturiers are no doubt stitching and designing wildly in order to ensure that their outfit is the most admired of the evening. I, myself, am by no means a design magnate, I cannot conjure up a tulle spring daydream out of my teenage head, but I can most certainly make predictions of the themic manner with regards to the Met Gala.

  1. Lapis Lazuli

The tone of blue used to depict the virgin will no doubt have presence on the red carpet, especially considering it is the most consistently used colour in Catholic religious art. I used it here on an image I created from an instagram post of Kylie Jenner’s to create her shawl, perhaps she’ll be donning something similar the Monday after next?


2.  Versace

Given her home country is the womb which encompasses the church itself and her presence at the press day, Donatella has no doubt got a few ideas cooking away for those invited to wear Atelier Versace.


3.  Virginal whites, cardinal reds and papal silhouettes.

When we think of the pope, we often think of his white garb surrounded by a sea of red cardinal cloaks. The met gala will surely be no different, but with Kim Kardashian taking the lead role of the evening rather than his holiness.

4. Dolce and Gabbana

These guys take pride in the religious backgrounds of their collections, from gilded tiaras to Giotto-esque and Byzantine images printed onto full-length ballgowns.


5.  Rosary bead accessories

The go-to accessory associated with any catholic granny dripping in black, this particular accessory will certainly be a centre piece feature.